Thixendale / Fridaythorpe circular


Duration 2-2½ hours
Distance 6 miles
Features First half on quiet road, then two wonderful dales
Special Notes Good views
Difficulty Medium


Walk away from the church, past the turning to the pub (save the visit for later!) and turn right Turn right out of the village at the T-junction.

The road splits three ways almost immediately. Take the sharp left up the hill Then sharp left up the Fridaythorpe hill towards Fridaythorpe.

Follow the road up the steep hill with its good views back to the village. Continue on past Gritts Farm enjoying the quiet easy walking of this single-track road section. Just before reaching the dwellings of Fridaythorpe, you will get to the large feed store. The walk follows the signed track just past this on the right. Track after the Fridaythorpe feed store You can, of course, divert briefly into Fridaythorpe to stock up on supplies if you need to.

The route crosses the feed store’s lorry access road and continues on a grassy track alongside. Track past the feed store

The track descends slowly before reaching a stile, which you cross to descend into West dale. Cross stile

At the bottom, turn right and proceed towards Brubberdale. Towards Brubberdale

Instead of going into Brubberdale, cross the stile on the left to start the climb up towards Gill’s Farm. Brubberdale

Pass the farm on the left along a grassy track. Past Gills Farm

Cross the Thixendale/Huggate road and follow the signed path on the other side. Cross over road

The path brings you through a gate Through gate and into dale to the chalky track descending into Thixen Dale. Down into dale

Go down the track, turning right at the bottom. Follow the tranquil dale bottom along. crossing a stile Cross stile and then going through a gate before reaching the road at Fotherdale. Back to road at Fotherdale

Turn right for the short walk back into Thixendale.