Climpson / Langridge / Scutt family

(Thanks to Barbara Bennett)

My late uncle, Stan Climpson who is buried in Thixendale Churchyard, and my Auntie Gladys Climpson or Gladys Hirst, (she used to be known as Babs), they had a daughter Wendy who used to work at the Castle Museum in York, and a son called Boy, who married a lady called Betty, they were married in Acomb, which is where Babs and Stan lived before they came to Thixendale, they used to run the Cross Keys Pub, I think in the late 50`s/early 60`s, the highlight of the year then, it seemed to be, when the Morris Men used to come and dance outside the pub.

My Auntie Haidee Langridge and my Nana Anna Scutt, used to live at the cottage next door but one, called “Round the Bend”, and we have fond memories of holidays there from Liverpool.

Uncle Stan and Auntie Babs used to let a fellow called Don (I don`t know his surname) keep his caravan at the bottom of the garden, I think he worked for the Forestry Commission, but I don’t know where he worked. I also remember a lady called Mrs Reeve who worked at the pub as a cleaner, and I remember meeting her grand-daughter Susan when I went to stay there one time.

Later information: It was Don Gregson who lived in the caravan. He worked for the Garrowby estate tree planting etc. Don left the area in the mid 70s and ended up living on a boat on the Norfolk Broads, in which he travelled around doing odd jobs for many years.