Huggate / Wayrham / Thixendale


Duration 2½-3 hours
Distance 7 miles
Features Very quiet route, contrasting countryside
Special Notes Non-circular
Difficulty Medium


Enter the village and walk along the street in the general direction of the church. The drop off point at Huggate

Entry to Huggate Village Pass through the village and note a footpath sign just past the last house (‘The Last Frontier’). You can take this path diagonally across the field, keeping the distant Glebe Farm straight ahead. If you are not too happy with the look of the bulls, you may choose to continue on the road a moment longer and turn left at the T-junction. Leave Huggate over field or keep to road

Either way, you will end up taking the single-track road up to Glebe Farm, then following the footpath sign to its left. Passing Glebe Farm

Continue to the next footpath sign, which takes you along the side of a field in the direction of Wold House Farm. Footpath past Glebe Farm

Follow the path for a while until you reach a gate. Go through this and turn left. You are walking along the top of an ancient earthwork, looking down into the dale. Arrival at earthworks

The path slopes at the end into the dale, and then crosses over and up the other side. Into dale along eathworks

Ideally keep to the right through the gate – it is a bit steep – but there is a gate further up the field which is on the right. En route to Wold House Farm

Keep on through the gate and eventually meet the farm road for Wold House Farm. Turn left. Meeting the road to Wold House Farm

You will shortly meet the road and turn right. This road will take you to the Wayrham picnic site if you keep essentially straight on. This is a pleasant stroll along a very quiet road – just watch out for errant cyclists. Road section towards Wayrham Crossroads Arrival at Wayrham Picnic Site

Just past the picnic site, there is a footpath sign which leads you up to the main road (A166). Take care here as the traffic tends to let off steam after reaching the top of Garrowby hill. Cross over and slightly to your right is a signed path down into the dale on the North Yorkshire side. Crossing the A166

Now the walk changes from being on high to following the bottom of the dales. Wild flowers, butterflies and other animals find a haven here in this rarely visited section of the walk. Entering the dale Walking along the dale bottom

Follow the dale bottom, through the shady section of the plantation.Through the plantation

Turn right at the fork in the plantation, then leave it behind once more. Further on , take the left fork after going through the gate at two dales merge. Not far now..

The rest of the way is a gentle amble along the dale bottom Keep in the dale. You will cross a stile Cross stile and then go through a gate Back to road at Fotherdale before finally reaching the road at Fotherdale. The road leads to Thixendale, which is a short way to your right.

If you do this on a hot summer’s morning, there will be no more welcome sight than Thixendale and the thought of a well deserved pint!