Thixendale / Kirby Underdale / North Wolds Walk


Duration 3½ – 4 hours
Distance 8½ miles
Features 5 dales. Exceptional scenery
Special Notes Aim to finish at the pub – you’ll deserve it.
Difficulty Moderate – gentle climbs, mostly on the road parts


Start in the main street, The main street in Thixendale walk past the church, village hall and farm to the start of Water Dale. Just past the ‘Thixendale’ road sign, there is a gate into the field. Entry to Thixen Dale

Follow Thixen Dale round to the left past several jumps, then branch right up Milham Dale. Entry to Milham Dale

This rises gently to end at a gate by Thixendale Grange. Milham Dale, approach to Thixendale Grange Go through the gate, turning left past the houses and follow the track to the road.

Turn left. Ignore the first right turn Not this way! and watch for a sign on the left which points down the edge of a field on the right. Signed route

Follow the edge of a field to a stile. Follow the well marked arrows over several stiles Route to Woodley Farm Route to Woodley Farm Route to Woodley Farm passing Woodley Farm. Note that the last turn towards the farm may be a bit muddy.  Go through a gate at the bottom of the field on to a track. Follow this to a road then turn left to find a sign post indicating right after about 100 yards (or metres if you prefer). Look for sign on left

Cross the field and at the other side bear down Approach to All Saints church in the direction of the church ahead. Finally cross the little bridge over a stream to All Saints church. Take some time to look at the church, and have a peek at the estate village of Kirby Underdale.

Return from the village past the church and at the bend take a signed path on the right Look for signpost through a field on the right to the trees ahead. Cross field Cross the stile and follow the farm track to the left. This joins a road which climbs for ¾ mile with good views to the left.

Turn left at the top, Left at the road then right on a farm road past Painsthorpe Wold farm. Painsthorpe Wold farm

Swing sharp left then right along the field edge where the path leaves the road.Leave track Go along the edge of the field then through a gate to a path leading to Worm Dale. Follow the dale along, turning left at the end. Keep on into Thixen Dale to join the road at the foot of Fotherdale. Turn right along the road to enter the village.