Robert Fuller

Thixendale is home to one of Britain’s foremost wildlife artists. Robert Fuller’s fame has helped put the village on the map and his gallery, located at Fotherdale, attracts some 7,000 to the village each year.

As well as being an artist of some standing, Robert is a passionate conservationist and is recognised locally as an authority on wildlife.

He often appears on local television for his work to protect barn owls in East and North Yorkshire and he writes a monthly column for The Yorkshire Post and the Ryedale Gazette & Herald.

The Robert Fuller Gallery is home to his exquisite collection of oil paintings, bronze sculptures and photographic studies of fauna from around the world.

Open all year round, the venue also hosts two themed exhibitions a year each featuring organised walks to search for wildlife in the surrounding countryside.

Robert goes to extraordinary lengths to accurately reflect the behaviour and character of his wild subjects in his paintings.

He sometimes spends weeks in the field painstakingly studying a particular animal or bird and the results are astounding.

Robert Fuller originals are increasingly collectible.