Census 1861

This raw information from the 1861 census will be more fully integrated into the rest of the historical data over time.

ID Address Place Forename Surname Rel Cond Age Occupation Birthplace County
39401 Thixendale
39402 Private House Thixendale Thomas Sanderson Head M 43 Ag Lab Rillington YKS
39403 Private House Thixendale Janet ? Sanderson Wife M 42 Wife Thixendale YKS
39404 Private House Thixendale Mary Sanderson Daur 12 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39405 Private House Thixendale William Sanderson Son 8? Scholar Thixendale YKS
39406 Private House Thixendale Richard Sanderson Son 2 Thixendale YKS
39407 Thixendale Henry Burgess Head M 26 Ag Lab Dunnington YKS
39408 Thixendale Mary Burgess Wife M 23 Wife Fridaythorpe YKS
39409 Thixendale Jane Ann Burgess Daur 1 Thixendale YKS
39410 Thixendale Hannah Pudsey Sis M 20 Ag Labs Wife Raisthorpe YKS
39411 Thixendale Thomas Dale Head M 54 Shoemaker Wilberfoss YKS
39412 Thixendale Ann Dale Wife M 58 Wife York YKS
39413 Thixendale Inghabam ? Dale G Son 7 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39414 Thixendale Francis Dale Son M 21 Shoemaker Thixendale YKS
39415 Thixendale Jane Dale D in Law M 20 Wife Garton YKS
39416 Thixendale George Craven ? Head M 53 Ag Lab Thixendale YKS
39417 Thixendale Margaret Craven Wife M 49 Wife Anlaby YKS
39418 Thixendale James Noble Head M 39 Groom Malton YKS
39419 Thixendale Mary Noble Wife M 51 Wife West Lutton YKS
39420 Thixendale Charles Noble Son 16 Joiner’s App Thixendale YKS
39421 Thixendale Mary Ann Noble Daur 14 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39422 Thixendale Ann Sawdon Sis U 41 Dress Maker West Lutton YKS
39423 Thixendale Elizabeth Sawdon Niece 7 Scholar Malton YKS
39424 Thixendale Tom Sawdon Neph 1 Thixendale YKS
39425 Thixendale William Lacey Head 39 Ag Lab Terrington YKS
39426 Thixendale Mary Lacey Wife M 32 Allerton YKS
39427 Thixendale Mary Emma Lacey Daur 4 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39428 Thixendale Robert Lacey Son 3 Thixendale YKS
39429 Thixendale John William Lacey Son 1 Thixendale YKS
39430 Thixendale William Taylor Head M 40 Ag Lab Thixendale YKS
39431 Thixendale Mary Taylor Wife M 27 Wetwang YKS
39432 Thixendale Jane Ann Taylor Daur 6 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39433 Thixendale John ? Taylor Son 3 Thixendale YKS
39434 Thixendale Richard Harrison Head M 27 Ag Lab Unknown YKS?
39435 Thixendale Hannah Harrison Wife M 25 Leavening YKS
39436 Thixendale Ann Harrison Daur 4 Thixendale YKS
39437 Thixendale John Henry Harrison Son 2 Thixendale YKS
39438 Thixendale David Harrison Son 1m Thixendale YKS
39439 Thixendale James Adams Vist 4 Scholar West Lutton YKS
39440 Public House – Cross Keys Inn Thixendale David Towse Head M 42 Publican Burythorpe YKS
39441 Public House – Cross Keys Inn Thixendale Elizabeth Towse Wife M 31 Thixendale YKS
39442 Public House – Cross Keys Inn Thixendale Robert Towse Son 8 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39443 Public House – Cross Keys Inn Thixendale Ann Towse Daur 6 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39444 Public House – Cross Keys Inn Thixendale Mary Towse Daur 4 Scholar Kennythorpe YKS
39445 Public House – Cross Keys Inn Thixendale John A??? Towse Son 8m Thixendale YKS
39446 Thixendale William Broadley Head M 39 Ag Lab Thixendale YKS
39447 Thixendale Jane Broadley Wife M 36 Helmsley YKS
39448 Thixendale Hannah Broadley Daur 8 Scholar Woodhouse YKS
39449 Thixendale Sarah Broadley Daur 6 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39450 Thixendale John Broadley Son 3 Thixendale YKS
39451 Thixendale William Broadley Son 1 Thixendale YKS
39452 Thixendale William Wilkinson Head M 25 Blacksmith Sheriff Hutton YKS
39453 Thixendale Mary Wilkinson Wife M 21 Thixendale YKS
39454 Thixendale Henry Garbutt Head M 26 Ag Lab Gilling YKS
39455 Thixendale Catherine Garbutt Wife M 26 Thixendale YKS
39456 Thixendale Mary Ann Garbutt Daur 2 Whenby YKS
39457 Thixendale Elizabeth Garbutt Daur 8m Stillington YKS
39458 Thixendale John Fox Head M 79 Ag Lab Swainby Ella YKS
39459 Thixendale Milcha Fox Wife M 70 Thwing YKS
39460 Thixendale Thomas Fox Son U 40 Carrier Thixendale YKS
39461 Thixendale Margaret Hannah Haggard ? G Daur 12 Scholar Pocklington YKS
39462 Thixendale Joseph Harrison Head M 72 Blacksmith Great Osborne YKS
39463 Thixendale Mary Harrison Wife M 76 Seamstress Spofforth YKS
39464 Thixendale Martha Wass Head Widw 58 Seamstress Thixendale YKS
39465 Thixendale Hannah Wass Daur U 22 Farm Serv Thixendale YKS
39466 Thixendale Ann Sanderson ???? Wife M 25 Ag Lab Wife Thixendale YKS
39467 Thixendale Elizabeth Sanderson Daug 4 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39468 Thixendale John Sanderson Son 3 Thixendale YKS
39469 Thixendale Rickman ? Sanderson Son 2m Thixendale YKS
39470 Thixendale John Bean Head M 70 Ag Lab Scagglethorpe YKS
39471 Thixendale Hannah Bean Wife M 63 Market Weighton YKS
39472 Thixendale Thomas Dawson Head M 52 Shoemaker Knaresborough YKS
39473 Thixendale Charlotte Dawson Wife M 56 Acklam YKS
39474 Thixendale Thomas Dawson Son U 25 Shoemaker Acklam YKS
39475 Thixendale Alice Dawson Daur U 20 Dress Maker Thixendale YKS
39476 Thixendale John Dawson Son U 17 Shoemaker Thixendale YKS
39477 Thixendale William Williamson Head M 44 School Master Warter YKS
39478 Thixendale Elizabeth Williamson Wife M 40 School Mistress High Towthorpe ? YKS
39479 Thixendale Robert Johnson Head M 21 Tailor Sledmere YKS
39480 Thixendale Elizabeth Johnson Wife M 20 Rillington YKS
39481 Thixendale Ann Elizabeth Pickering Dau in ? 7m Rillington YKS
39482 Thixendale George Marson ? Head M 35 Ag Lab Thixendale YKS
39483 Thixendale Susan Marson ? Wife M 30 Wharram le Street YKS
39484 Thixendale Hannah Dale Dau in ? 9 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39485 Thixendale Ann Marson ? Daur 8 Scholar Wharram le Street YKS
39486 Thixendale Richard Marson ? Son 6 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39487 Thixendale Elizabeth Marson ? Daur 4 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39488 Thixendale John Marson ? Son 2 Thixendale YKS
39489 Thixendale Mary Marson ? Daur 10m Thixendale YKS
39490 Thixendale William Taylor Head M 51 Ag Lab Thixendale YKS
39491 Thixendale Mary Taylor Wife M 47 Rillington YKS
39492 Thixendale George Taylor Son 11 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39493 Thixendale Thomas Kilvington ?? M 26 Ag Lab Malton YKS
39494 Thixendale Thomas Askew ? Head M 72 Ag Lab Manby LIN
39495 Thixendale Charlotte Askew ? Wife M 56 Thixendale YKS
39496 Thixendale George Askew Son U 23 Ag Lab Thixendale YKS
39497 Thixendale Ellen R????ston Daur M 20 Dress Maker Thixendale YKS
39498 Thixendale John Spenceley ? Head M 71 Ag Lab Thornton le Clay YKS
39499 Thixendale Charlotte Spenceley ? Wife M 51 Thixendale YKS
39500 Thixendale John Craven G Son 14 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39501 Thixendale William Linnell ? Head Widr 41 Ag Lab Flore ? NTH
39502 Thixendale William Bell Head M 26 Ag Lab ???thorpe YKS
39503 Thixendale Margaret Bell Wife M 22 Youlthorpe YKS
39504 Thixendale Robert Bell Son 4 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39505 Thixendale John North Head M 64 Ag Lab Millington ? YKS
39506 Thixendale Ann North Wife M 59 Bishop Wilton YKS
39507 Thixendale Sarah North G Daur 11 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39508 Grocer’s Shop Thixendale Nicholas Graham Head M 55 Carrier & Grocer Thixendale YKS
39509 Grocer’s Shop Thixendale Jane Graham Wife M 38 Scagglethorpe YKS
39510 Grocer’s Shop Thixendale Ann Graham Daur 12 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39511 Grocer’s Shop Thixendale Nicholas Graham Son 10 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39512 Grocer’s Shop Thixendale Rachel Graham Daur 9 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39513 Grocer’s Shop Thixendale Thomas Graham Son 7 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39514 Grocer’s Shop Thixendale Jane Graham Daur 6 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39515 Grocer’s Shop Thixendale William Graham Son 4 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39516 Grocer’s Shop Thixendale Harriet Graham Daur 2 Thixendale YKS
39517 Thixendale Robert Butterick Head Widr 51 Wheel Wright Market Weighton YKS
39518 Thixendale William Butterick Son U 20 Wheel Wright Thixendale YKS
39519 Thixendale Mary Dorothy Butterick Daur U 19 Housekeeper Thixendale YKS
39520 Thixendale Samuel Butterick Son U 17 Wheelwright App Thixendale YKS
39521 Thixendale Thomas Marson Head U 35 Ag Lab Thixendale YKS
39522 Thixendale Mary Rawling Niece U 15 Housekeeper Thixendale YKS
39523 Thixendale Thomas Rawling Neph 13 Tailor App Thixendale YKS
39524 Thixendale Christopher Stockdale Head M 64 Ag Lab Thirsk YKS
39525 Thixendale Elizabeth Stockdale Wife M 63 Malton YKS
39526 Thixendale Barbara Broadley Head Widw 77 Seamstress Hutton Ambo YKS
39527 Thixendale Hannah Broadley Daur U 38 Seamstress Fridaythorpe YKS
39528 Thixendale Ann Broadley G Daur 9 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39529 Thixendale Mary Midgeley Head Widw 40 Seamstress Weaverthorpe YKS
39530 Thixendale Dina Midgeley Daur 11 Scholar Nunburnholme YKS
39531 Thixendale Ralph Midgeley Son 9 Scholar Warter YKS
39532 Thixendale Mary Midgeley Daur 7 Scholar Warter YKS
39533 Thixendale Robert Midgeley Son 5 Scholar Warter YKS
39534 Thixendale John Midgeley Son 3 ?? Burythorpe YKS
39535 Thixendale Hannah Crow Head Widw 56 Seamstress Thixendale YKS
39536 Thixendale Rachel Crow Daur U 18 Seamstress Thixendale YKS
39537 Thixendale Ann Taylor Head Widw 77 Seamstress Barugh YKS
39538 Thixendale John Hood Son in Law M 34 Shepherd Foxholes YKS
39539 Thixendale Mary Hood Daur M 30 Thixendale YKS
39540 Thixendale Ann Hood G Daur 11 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39541 Thixendale Robert ? Hood G Son 5 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39542 Thixendale John Hood G Son 8m Thixendale YKS
39543 Thixendale Rachel Eland ? Head Widw 54 Seamstress Thixendale YKS
39544 Thixendale David Dennison Son M 26 Ag Lab Thixendale YKS
39545 Thixendale Jane Dennison D in Law M 27 Burythorpe YKS
39546 Thixendale Thomas Vessey Head M 59 Ag Lab Thixendale YKS
39547 Thixendale Margaret Vessey Wife M 53 Kirby Underdale YKS
39548 Thixendale Mary Vessey Daur U 16 Farm Serv Thixendale YKS
39549 Thixendale Robert Vessey Son 11 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39550 Thixendale Eliza Vessey G Daur 11 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39551 Thixendale Joseph Vessey Son 7 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39552 Thixendale Richard Vessey Head M 49 Ag Lab Thixendale YKS
39553 Thixendale Hannah Vessey Wife M 52 Speeton YKS
39554 Thixendale John Dixon Head M 41 Carrier Langton YKS
39555 Thixendale Hannah Dixon Wife M 41 Thixendale YKS
39556 Thixendale Mary Dixon Daur 12 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39557 Thixendale Richard Dixon Son 9 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39558 Thixendale Ann Dixon Daur 7 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39559 Thixendale William Dixon Son 4 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39560 Thixendale John Dixon Son 1 Thixendale YKS
39561 Thixendale Mary Craven Head Absent Wife M 61 Labourers Wife ??attleton YKS
39562 Thixendale Mary Craven G Daur 9 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39563 Manor House Thixendale William Buttle ? Head M 42 Farmer of 645 Acres emp 4 Lab 7 men Wilitoft ? Parish of Bubworth ? YKS
39564 Manor House Thixendale Ann Buttle ? Wife M 37 Farmers Wife Thixendale YKS
39565 Manor House Thixendale Hannah Williamson Serv U 21 Housemaid Pocklington YKS
39566 Manor House Thixendale Martha Fountain Serv U 19 Housemaid St. Coop ? NFK
39567 Manor House Thixendale George ?…erk Serv U 26 Foreman Carter Newport YKS
39568 Manor House Thixendale Thomas Ibbotson Serv U 20 Carter Kirbyunderdale YKS
39569 Manor House Thixendale Thomas Wade Serv U 19 Carter Etton NTH
39570 Manor House Thixendale William Palfreyman Serv U 18 Plough Boy High Catton YKS
39571 Manor House Thixendale Daniel Allen Serv U 18 Plough Boy Thorney CAM
39572 Manor House Thixendale Thomas Stafford Serv U 19 Groom Marn ? CAM
39573 Manor House Thixendale Henry Bou?nel Serv U 21 Carter Willoughby LIN
39574 The Grange Thixendale Thomas Clark Head M 65 Farmer of 670 acres emp 3 lab 9 men ? Driffield YKS
39575 The Grange Thixendale Mary Clark Wife M 54 Farmers Wife Kilham YKS
39576 The Grange Thixendale Mary Ann Clark Daur U 31 Farmer’s Daur Fimber YKS
39577 The Grange Thixendale John Clark Son U 19 Farmer’s Son Fimber YKS
39578 The Grange Thixendale Charles Precious Serv U 25 Foreman Carter Bishop Wilton YKS
39579 The Grange Thixendale James Slater Serv U 20 Waggoner Bishop Wilton YKS
39580 The Grange Thixendale Charles Slater Serv U 17 Ag Serv Bishop Wilton YKS
39581 The Grange Thixendale Adamson Croser ? Serv U 15 Serv Fridaythorpe YKS
39582 The Grange Thixendale John King Serv U 21 Groom Warmington NTH
39583 The Grange Thixendale Thomas Hillarby Serv U 18 Ag Serv Nafferton YKS
39584 The Grange Thixendale John Wood Serv U 14 Serv Fimber YKS
39585 The Grange Thixendale Thomas Overfield Serv U 13 Serv Langtoft YKS
39586 The Grange Thixendale Thomas Moody Serv U 25 Shepherd North Dalton YKS
39587 The Grange Thixendale Daniel Settle Serv U 47 Ag Serv Long Milford SFK
39588 The Grange Thixendale Elizabeth Dale Serv U 18 Housemaid Thixendale YKS
39589 The Grange Thixendale Ann Dale Serv U 15 Allwork Thixendale YKS
39590 Cogdale ? Thixendale John South ? Head M 52 Ag Lab Thorpbasset YKS
39591 Cogdale ? Thixendale Sarah South ? Wife M 46 Wetwang YKS
39592 Cogdale ? Thixendale James South ? Son 11 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39593 ???mdale Thixendale Robert Douthwaite Head M 29 Ag Lab O?ingham ? YKS
39594 ???mdale Thixendale Ruth Douthwaite Wife M 27 Appleton YKS
39595 ???mdale Thixendale Robert Douthwaite Son 12 Appleton YKS
39596 ???mdale Thixendale Harriet Douthwaite Daur 10 Appleton YKS
39597 ???mdale Thixendale James Douthwaite Son 6 Appleton YKS
39598 ???mdale Thixendale William Douthwaite Son 3 Appleton YKS
39599 ???mdale Thixendale Sarah Ann Douthwaite Daur 1m Thixendale YKS
39600 Be?i?ham Thixendale George Wright Head M 49 Farmer of 329 Acres Empl 3 Lab 4 Boys Thixendale YKS
39601 Be?i?ham Thixendale Elizabeth Wright Wife M 40 Farmers Wife Bishop Wilton YKS
39602 Be?i?ham Thixendale John Wright Son U 15 Farmer’s Son Thixendale YKS
39603 Be?i?ham Thixendale Robert Wright Son U 14 Farmer’s Son Thixendale YKS
39604 Be?i?ham Thixendale Polly Wright Daur U 12 Farmer’s Daur Thixendale YKS
39605 Be?i?ham Thixendale Ellen Hitson ? Serv U 24 House Maid Leavening YKS
39606 Be?i?ham Thixendale Ann Wilkinson Serv U 15 Allwork Pocklington YKS
39607 Be?i?ham Thixendale John Craven Serv U 28 Carter Thixendale YKS
39608 Be?i?ham Thixendale Thomas Wass Serv U 19 Carter Thixendale YKS
39609 Be?i?ham Thixendale Matt ? Walker Serv U 34 Shepherd Thixendale YKS
39610 Be?i?ham Thixendale John Hewison Serv U 16 Carter Pocklington YKS
39611 Be?i?ham Thixendale Thomas Craven Serv U 63 Shepherd Thixendale YKS
39612 Pluckham Thixendale Thomas Croft Head M 31 Farm Bailiff & Ag Lab Slingsby YKS
39613 Pluckham Thixendale Hannah Croft Wife M 26 Skerne YKS
39614 Pluckham Thixendale William Croft Son 1 Thixendale YKS
39615 Pluckham Thixendale Ann Cooper Serv U 22 House Serv Osmotherby YKS
39616 Pluckham Thixendale Esther Cooper Serv U 13 House Serv Fridaythorpe YKS
39617 Pluckham Thixendale John ?…apes Board U 21 Carter Brough YKS
39618 Pluckham Thixendale Thomas Baron Board U 18 Carter Sutton YKS
39619 Pluckham Thixendale Harper ? Tasker ? Board U 17 Carter Kilnwick YKS
39620 Pluckham Thixendale David May Board U 17 Carter Huggate YKS
39621 Pluckham Thixendale Thomas Edmond Board U 22 Shepherd Thwing YKS
39622 Pluckham Thixendale James Agram Board U 12 Carter Fridaythorpe YKS
39623 Pluckham Thixendale William Lazenby Board M 33 Ag Lab Acklam YKS
39624 Riggs Farm Thixendale John Buttle Head U 40 Farmer of 300 Acres Emp 5 Lab 2? boys Warter YKS
39625 Riggs Farm Thixendale Mary Ann Ta???? Serv U 24 House Maid Malton YKS
39626 Riggs Farm Thixendale Janet R??ncley Serv 16 Kitchen Maid Thornton Pickering YKS
39627 Riggs Farm Thixendale Charles Snowden Serv U 23 Carter Corby NTH
39628 Riggs Farm Thixendale Joseph Taylor Serv U 19 Carter Holbeach LIN
39629 Riggs Farm Thixendale William Johnston Serv U 18 Carter Bishop Wilton YKS
39630 Riggs Farm Thixendale Thomas Moor Serv U 20 Groom Wressle YKS
39631 Riggs Farm Thixendale Frederick Richer ? Serv U 16 Carter Rattlestone ? (Rattlesden) SFK
39632 Riggs Farm Thixendale William Freer Serv U 19 Carter Moulton LIN
39633 Gills Farm Thixendale Francis Cook Head M 37 Farmer of 600 Acres Emp 2 Lab 3??? Huggate YKS
39634 Gills Farm Thixendale Sushannah Cook Wife M 38 Farmers Wife Fimber YKS
39635 Gills Farm Thixendale John Vessey Serv U 23 Carter Huggate YKS
39636 Gills Farm Thixendale George Armitage Serv U 19 Carter Holme YKS
39637 Gills Farm Thixendale John Hudson Serv U 19 Carter Malton YKS
39638 Gills Farm Thixendale Henry Beckett Serv U 19 Carter Pocklington YKS
39639 Gills Farm Thixendale William Rose Serv U 22 Carter Malton YKS
39640 Gills Farm Thixendale John Smales Serv U 15 Carter Rillington YKS
39641 Gills Farm Thixendale Joseph Howland Serv U 21 Carter Fewcott OXF
39642 Gills Farm Thixendale Robert Risher ? Serv U 20 Carter Rattlestone ? (Rattlesden) SFK
39643 Gills Farm Thixendale Grace Wilkinson Serv U 18 House Serv Pocklington YKS
39644 Gills Farm Thixendale Sarah Jane Kilvington Serv U 17 House Serv KIrby???? Carr YKS
39645 Gills Farm Thixendale Harper ? Sollitt ? Serv M 46 Shepherd ?ena?thorpe YKS
39646 Gritts Farm Thixendale Robert Greenshaw Head M 38 Farmer of 600 Acres Emp 3 Lab 8 Boys Tibthorpe YKS
39647 Gritts Farm Thixendale Charlotte Greenshaw Wife M 30 Farmers Wife Sledmere YKS
39648 Gritts Farm Thixendale John Robert Greenshaw Son U 8 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39649 Gritts Farm Thixendale Ann Greenshaw Daur 5 Thixendale YKS
39650 Gritts Farm Thixendale Arthur Isaac ? Greenshaw Son 4 Thixendale YKS
39651 Gritts Farm Thixendale Charlotte Ellen Greenshaw Daur 1 Thixendale YKS
39652 Gritts Farm Thixendale Harriet Meggitt Serv U 31 House Serv Huggate YKS
39653 Gritts Farm Thixendale Sarah Ann Midgeley Serv U 14 House Serv Thixendale YKS
39654 Gritts Farm Thixendale George Vessey Serv U 21 Carter Thixendale YKS
39655 Gritts Farm Thixendale Mary Ann Walker Serv U 11 Nurse Fridaythorpe YKS
39656 Gritts Farm Thixendale Thomas Adams Serv U 20 Carter West Heslerton YKS
39657 Gritts Farm Thixendale John Blades Serv U 18 Carter Weaverthorpe YKS
39658 Gritts Farm Thixendale John Bell Serv U 17 Carter Thixendale YKS
39659 Gritts Farm Thixendale Edward Johnson Serv U 14 Groom Fridaythorpe YKS
39660 Gritts Farm Thixendale William Parker Serv U 36 Cow Man Laverton ????
39661 Gritts Farm Thixendale Geoffrey Tinsdale Serv U 11 Carter Fridaythorpe YKS
39662 Gritts Farm Thixendale John Dales Serv U 24 Shepherd Burnby YKS
39663 Paradise ? Thixendale Thomas Duck Head Widr 59 Ag Lab Thixendale YKS
39664 Paradise ? Thixendale Sarah Duck Daur U 30 Thixendale YKS
39665 Paradise ? Thixendale Ann Duck G Daur 8 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39666 Paradise ? Thixendale Thomas Duck G Son 4 Thixendale YKS
39667 Paradise ? Thixendale John Wade Head M 31 Ag Lab Not Known
39668 Paradise ? Thixendale Hannah Wade Wife M 32 Thixendale YKS
39669 Paradise ? Thixendale Ann Elizabeth Wade Daur 1 Thixendale YKS
39670 Paradise ? Thixendale Mary Duck Dau ???? 10 Scholar Thixendale YKS
39671 Paradise ? Thixendale Emma ?? Duck Dau ???? 4 Thixendale YKS
39672 Paradise ? Thixendale Anthony Bell Head M 53 Ag Lab Langton YKS
39673 Paradise ? Thixendale Ann Bell Wife M 53 Wife Acaster YKS
39674 Paradise ? Thixendale Elizabeth Bell Daur U 19 Farm Serv Thixendale YKS
39675 Paradise ? Thixendale Eliza Bell Daur U 14 Farm Serv Thixendale YKS
39676 Paradise ? Thixendale John William Bell G Son U 3m Thixendale YKS
39677 Stables Thixendale Charles Horsley U 30 Ag Lab Allerstone YKS

Thomas Croft

(Thanks to Eileen Stewart)

The 1861 census shows Thomas Croft aged 31 from Slingsby and married to Hanna ? from Skerne aged 26 with their one year old son, William, at Pluckham, Thixendale. Thomas is a farm bailliff and housing a good many other farm servants in the contemporary manner of the Hind. In 1881 he is farming his own 200 acres in Fridaythorpe but the census shows that two other sons had been born to this couple whilst they were at Pluckham, Thomas jnr and John. They must have lived in Pluckham, Thixendale therefore, at least from 1860-1874, the date of the birth of the youngest son gives the last date here. The IGI gives the parents of Thomas Croft (c 21 June 1829 in Slingsby) as William Croft and Emma Kneeshaw. Thomas had an older brother William and a younger brother John (my great grandfather). Neither of these brothers seem to have Thixendale connections though. I have a photo of Thomas, Hanna and William taken in about 1865. It is a studio portrait though and gives no background information, therefore, about Thixendale.