Dales named on OS Pathfinder Maps 666 and 656

To the North West (3):

The road towards Leavening runs along Water Dale, and this then splits into Brownmoor Dale and Birdsall Dale leading up to Aldro Farm.

To the West (2):

Thixen Dale runs from Manor Farm towards Thixendale Grange. It splits to form Milham Dale.

To the South (10):

The road towards Garrowby Hill follows Thixen Dale (already counted). This splits off Long Dale (and this to Woo Dale) to the north and Fotherdale to the south west, while Thixen Dale curves south again turning into Bradeham Dale and Wayrham Dale. On the way, North Breckholme Dale, South Breckholme Dale, Worm Dale, Pluckam Dale and Fordham Dale also spin off.

To the North (4):

Vessey Pasture Dale is reached by climbing over Cow Wold and down the other side. It leads to the east into Back Dale, then Honey Dale and Court Dale (start of 6 Valleys riding course).

To the East (5):

Water Dale continues east past the cricket pitch, though most call this Burdale. At the end of this dale, it splits to William Dale, Fairy Dale, Middle Dale and Whay Dale.

To the south east (3):

Over the top of Brubberdale Hill there are Brubber Dale, Horse Dale and West Dale.

This gives you a total of 27!

The ones which are likely candidates for the magical 16 are:

  • Water Dale (W)
  • Milham Dale
  • Thixen Dale (NW)
  • Water Dale (E) / Burdale
  • Court Dale
  • Thixen Dale (S)
  • Woo Dale
  • Long Dale
  • Fother Dale
  • North Breckholme Dale
  • South Breckholme Dale
  • Worm Dale
  • Fordham Dale
  • Wayrham Dale
  • Bradeham Dale
  • Pluckam Dale

… but I’m sure you’ll have your own ideas!