20th Century

This map from 1910 shows the village very much as it is today. In particular note the following:

  • The school, church and vicarage appear.
  • Diamond Cottages appear.
  • Beamer View cottages appear.

The sale of the Village – 1919

Parts of the village were sold from the Sykes’ Sledmere estate in 1919. A catalogue detailing the sale exists, and has been uploaded on to this web site. This has been provided by Mr M. Thornton (~michael~), whose father and grandfather both worked for the Wood family at Gills Farm until his father moved to Thornholme to work for another Wood family member. To see the catalogue, click here.

The sale of the Village – 1941

Further parts of the village of Thixendale were sold as part of the sale of outlying portions of the Sledmere Estate in 1941. We are very grateful to Mr S.Lyus for providing us with a copy of the original sale catalogue. This is a fascinating document, including details on the buildings, inhabitants, acreage and rents at that time.

To see the catalogue, click here .

Home Guard 1940

This photograph is thought to have been taken in 1940. John Brayshaw, with the help of his father (Albert Brayshaw in the photo, now in his mid 90’s), and Roy Jefferson believe they have managed to correctly name most if not all of the participants.

Back Row from Left to Right: David HeptonWill Lacy – Fred Reeves – Dick Hood – Tom Jefferson – Jack Bradley – Kenneth Reeves – Bill Bradley
Front Row from Left to Right: Albert Brayshaw – Harry Coates – Bill Peckitt – Everatt Hall – Jack Robson – Robert Midgely


The terrace of 8 cottages which ran down from the pub was demolished in the 1950s. At one stage there were 40 people living in them. The land remained derelict until the 1970s.